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In this exciting role you will be instrumental in leading the development of The Math Pit

You are a Qualified secondary mathematics teacher with QTS

You are committed to and passionate about addressing the issue of pupils’ negative fixed mindsets and lack of confidence within mathematics classrooms 

You are seeking career development and are willing to co-create, can use your own initiative and want to be instrumental in developing this project 

You have demonstrated an ability to share best practice and have an intimate understanding of mathematics subject pedagogy

You have demonstrated an ability to innovate and try out creative ideas in your classroom whilst evaluating their impact

You are up to date with current mathematics education research 

You can take on a large commitment and are organised
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How many years have you been teaching for? *

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{{answer_13991928}}, how would you rate your experience and knowledge of using action research methods? *

Have you taken any courses, qualifications or significant CPD in mathematics education? *

For example a masters, lead Mathematics Mastery teacher training

If so please give details here

Name of course, date completed
What makes you want to be Lead Teacher for The Math Pit, {{answer_13991928}}? *

Issues in mathematics education

Which of these statements do you identify most with? *

Current issues in mathematics education

Can you tell us more about your choice? *

And how would you rate your creativity and ability to find innovative solutions? *

{{answer_13991928}}, please tell us about a recent lesson you've taught that you're most proud of *

{{answer_13991928}}, please describe a time where you shared best practice with other colleagues *

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